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>Drawing from the age of 2.

>Taught by maternal grandfather to paint age 16-18.

>Lived in Dundee, painted, exhibited locally.

>Travelled to NYC with $100 in pocket to interview for Pratt.

>Was accepted. Declined, took a job mucking stables in Amagansett, NY. Position came with a studio and time to paint.

>Was invited to join Bologna Landi Gallery in East Hampton, and Marcelle Fine Art.

>Taught painting at Guild Hall Museum of Art.

>Taught private groups & individuals over same duration.

>Taught Master Class at the 369 Gallery in Edinburgh.

>Painted & exhibited each summer in the Hamptons.

>Painted in Vermont & exhibited at Tilting at Windmills.

>Represented by Hammer Galleries, NYC.

>Taught at the Casa de la Cultura, Morelia, Mexico.

>Taught at Attic Studios, Bangkok, Thailand.

>Taught Master Classes at ASM atelier, Bangkok, Thailand.


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